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Supreme Courts decision

About a year ago, the city announced a mandatory trash plan. Organized trash may have sounded like a good idea,
but this plan had problems for many residents. Added expenses, no sharing; no opting out; difficulty suspending services; and an added fee on our property taxes are a few of the issues with the plan.
A group of people, St. Paul Trash, started a petition and was able to get over 6,000 signatures.
They presented it to the Saint Paul City Council but they ruled it was not sufficient enough to be a
Because St. Paul has a city charter, the city council and mayor have their roles defined when
it applies to the city's authority to finance and tax for public services. We are fortunate that
there is the city charter. Otherwise, we would not have been able to sue and win the right
to vote on the organized trash.
The city should have agreed to honor the petition by putting the trash ordinance on the ballot
and the residents should have been able to vote on it.
Because the city refused to honor the petition, St. Paul Trash, sued the City.
On May 30, Judge Castro ruled in favor of St. Paul Trash but the city appealed to the supreme court.
For me personally, this lawsuit has been very important. It wasn't about the concept "organized trash".
It was about the way the contract was written and the way the city refused to honor the charter's words.
It felt as though residents voices were disregarded. That is just not the way to run a city.
I, along with many others, signed the petition. Members of my campaign committee and I attended
the fundraiser at Tin Cups, and have supported the lawsuit. We discussed the lawsuit with residents while campaigning with regard to
my candidacy for Ward 5 city council. We attended meetings to learn more about how the lawsuit was progressing, came to hearings at the court house, and spoke to people at the Saint Paul DFL City Convention. I learned there were several people against the new trash, and others who felt it wasn't important enough to even discuss. It's been a little difficult to pursue conversations with people that don't see things as we do, but we kept pushing, and respect the fact that others may see things differently even though we wanted to support the lawsuit.
Today, we read with excitement, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of St. Paul Trash and the residents will be able to vote on this issue in the November 5 election.
Thank you to all of the people involved in the lawsuit, and specifically the ones who lived and breathed it so that our
residents could have a fair vote. Justice prevailed and I am so excited for these next couple of months.

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