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This is the area will you will find my stance on issues. Please send me a message if you have questions or comments about any of the issues I publish, or if you would like to heat about issues you do not see.

Crime and Safety

In order for a community to thrive it must be a safe and healthy place to live.

Garbage Collection

I believe we, as citizens, have the right to hire our own trash collection service.   I support St Paul CARTless and St. Paul Trash Lawsuit.

Fiscal Responsibility

Taxes are used to service the communities in which we live. We must be fiscally responsible and provide services that make sense for all of us in a manner that is minimum and gives the maximum essential needs.


The Environment

We must take notice of the issues that involve climate change and clean energy.

Affordable Housing

Affordable housing are buzz words that tend to get tossed around without any explanation so I thought I would share with you what that means plain and simple, "Affordable" housing is housing that does not exceed 30% of the area median income.

Second Amendment Rights

I believe any law abiding citizen who has passed a background check should have the right to have a gun for the protection of themselves, their home and their family, and for hunting purposes.

Recreation Centers

Our recreation centers must provide quality programming for our kids.

School Funding

Our kids, teachers, and families deserve our support. Join me in the March for educational funding this Saturday at 11:00 am. We will march to the state capital.

Small Business

We need to encourage small business ownership in our neighborhoods So that people don't have to travel long distances for goods and services. Having a wide variety of businesses brings more to our neighborhoods. This is a way to support both businesses and neighbors. The role of city council should be to promote new businesses and follow up with them to ensure their needs are being met so they can continue their work. We must also inform business owners and potential business owners about available fund. Support for small businesses is crucial.

Work Force/ Work Agencies

Not everyone is close to a Work Force Centers or Job Agencies. Our neighborhoods in Ward 5 each hold more residents than some towns across our state. I would like to work on bringing Work Force Centers and/or Job Agency's to our neighborhoods so that residents have a place to start and look for jobs more easily. For some, transportation can be an issue or Agencies aren't in convenient area's when taking public transportation. This leaves residents at a disadvantage. Having resources within reach can be all that some people need. 

Latest on the trash issue

This just in .... The TRASH VERDICT IS IN! :D
Judge Castro has ruled in favor of the Plaintiff's. The city is required to:
1) Suspend the ordinance as of June 30th (you can use whatever hauler you want)
2) The ordinance will be on the ballot for a vote in the General election of November 5th - or SOONER if the city wishes.

Poll on issues for Ward 5

Ward 5 I want your feedback! Please take the following poll with regards to issues.

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I want to hear from you!

I want to know what issues are most important to you with regards to our ward or your immediate neighborhood. It is important to me that we communicate and work together to make Ward 5 a better place. You can leave me a message here on the website. I look forward to hearing everyone's input.

Public Safety

Crime continues to grow within our communities leaving people vulnerable to unsafe situations and or loss. Along with that comes loss of peace of mind. We have neighbors leaving because they have been affected by crime or don't feel things will get better. The fact of the matter is without comprehensive plans put in place by the city, current ordinances being enforced, and communities and law enforcement being given the tools needed to combat these issues, nothing changes.Residents voices need to be heard, and meetings that include entire communities with city officials around crime must take place. When we are brought together, we can work on resolutions that bring safety to our neighborhoods. When community members speak out and city officials do not respond, it gives those community members the message that these are not important issues and that they choose to be compliant with what is happening. My work should I be elected, around these issues will be to bring real solutions to the table and continuous work with the Ward 5 communities. I ask.... Why is it that some areas of the city are treated differently than others. One example is that we have an area of the city that is equipped with several CCTV camera's and very little crime while other areas that see high rates of crime and under served residents are not given the same equipment. Safety should be a top priority for the city and should be equitable throughout our entire city. Some will talk about costs but money has been spent in some communities and not others. When we have "costs" of lives, property, and peace it is a much " higher price to pay" in several different aspects.
Thirty groups advised the mayor that they did not want more officers on the streets. I would challenge all thirty of those groups to be part of the solution by sending their members out to the streets to engage with folks and help us bring resolutions to our communities.
Last month alone there were 42 illegal guns recovered by law enforcement in the city of Saint Paul. Even though this is good news to know those ones were taken off the streets, so much more needs to be done but until our city is on board with supporting this area of work and providing the resources necessary to have a bigger impact, we can not move forward.
As much as we would like to see more small businesses come in and serve our communities, we have to look at why they would or would not choose our neighborhoods. Crime can be a deterrent to bringing a business in. If we expect people to bring their businesses in, it must be an area that attracts customers.
For those looking for a place to call home, location and safety is on the top of folks list. It can determine whether or not someone chooses to live there.
I would love for our ward to be a place that others look to as an example of what it means to be a strong and vibrant, and safe community. I believe we can do that and I will fight for us to get there.

School Safety

This past spring while spending the day at a high School, I asked students what their biggest concern is while at school. Every one of them said the same thing, safety. Schools have many challenges to deal with and the expectations are high. Since the mass shooting last weekend bullet proof backpack sales have risen 200% to 300% in various areas accross The country. Schools should feel like a safe place for both students and staff. As community leaders you must work with school leaders to help bring forth safety measures that make sense and are feasible.

Taking away from from essential services

Safe neighborhoods are essential to a community's opportunity to thrive. I do not agree with having less officers or cutting the fire academy by two weeks. Neither of these decisions are ones that help to keep our community safe. Our numbers are growing and as such our services should reflect those numbers. If we expect fire fighters to do their job, they must be given a full education. Current response times of police officers in many cases, have been longer because there are not enough officers to get to some of these calls as soon as they may like to. Our police, fire, and paramedics work hard for us. These jobs are not an obligation but a dedication to our community. These are the jobs that keep us all safe.

Saint Paul city streets continue to deteriorate

We all know the street in Saint Paul are in rough condition. In this article is the breakdown with numbers of where we are at. This must be a priority for both practical and safety reasons.

Trash referendum

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